North Carolina was built on big ideas & bold action.

North Carolina was built around two critical economic drivers: a vast railroad system and a massive highway system, spanning from the coast to the mountains. With the help of elected leaders and a strong business community, these two big ideas paved the way for future economic development that positioned North Carolina as a major economic force. Although costly, the public at the time saw these initiatives as an investment to grow North Carolina and prepare it for future generations. Carolina Strong will help support our state’s new set of economic drivers. 

"Carolina Strong is needed in our state. It's the right organization, at the right time, to help ensure our economy grows, and we advance big ideas and policies for infrastructure. I am excited about Carolina Strong and look forward to seeing it grow and thrive to help all parts of NC."

- Representative Brenden Jones
Chair, NC House Transportation Committee

Led by a group of dedicated leaders and board members Carolina Strong focuses it’s advocacy on three components we believe to be vital in ensuring North Carolina has the infrastructure it needs to support our growing state:



Modernizing our road system, preparing for modern driving and vehicles, and focusing on our port system. 

Paving the way for growth. 



Ensuring that every North Carolinian has access to broadband.


Water & Sewer

Modernizing and repairing our network of water and sewer systems.

By supporting our leaders and building lasting partnerships, real change can be made.

Educational Campaigns

To advocate our ideas in the legislature and local governments.

Coalition Building

To support other organizations involved in infrastructure and actively build partnerships aiming to advance similar causes, objectives and policies with other active organizations.

Community Leadership

Bringing together key stakeholders throughout NC to promote solutions that bridge the gap between public and private sectors.